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Our animals in the community.

Offsite Adoptions

Job Summary: Assist at our off-site adoption locations on weekends and at special events.
Time Commitment: 6 hours a month; 6-month minimum commitment
Supervisor: Off-site Coordinator and/or Volunteer Manager/Coordinator
Qualifications: Must be 16 years or older. Must complete an Open House Orientation.
Training: Training 1 – Animal Handling, Training 2 – Interactive Training, Training 3 for dogs, and an off-site adoption training.


  1. Maintain a professional approach to handling the animals and dealing with the public.
  2. Point out specific animals that may be suitable for a potential adopter’s lifestyle.
  3. If a potential adopter would like to spend time with a dog, an Off-site Volunteer will oversee a meeting between individual/s and the animal to make sure everyone seems to get along.
  4. Provide customer service to potential adopters and customers, answering questions as needed.
  5. Maintain a sanitary kennel environment by practicing good disease control protocol including sanitizing toys, water bowls, and spot cleaning kennels if needed.
  6. Positively represent the Pet Alliance’s beliefs and philosophies.

Check back soon for information on how to register.