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Strike a Pose

Make sure you catch their good side.

Photo Pack

Job Summary: We are always in need of beautiful dog and cat pictures to help show them off to potential adopters. As a Photo Pack Volunteer you will be taking pictures to be posted on our website and to use for marketing.
Time Commitment: 6 hours a month for at least 6 months
Supervisor: Volunteer Manager/Coordinator
Qualifications: Must be 16 years or older and complete an Open House Orientation
Training:  Training 1 – Animal Handling, Training 2 – Interactive Training, and Training 3 for the dogs or cats, which ever you would like to photograph.
Dress Code: Volunteer t-shirt, pants or shorts, sneakers


  1. Photo Pack volunteers will help promote the adoptable dogs or cats by photographing them.
  2. Maintain a sanitary kennel environment with the dogs by practicing good disease control protocol including sanitizing toys, water bowls, disinfecting the play yard, and spot cleaning kennels if needed.
  3. Maintain a sanitary environment for the cats by practicing good disease control protocol including sanitizing hands, using clean toys, and disinfecting the photographing area as necessary.
  4. Must have knowledge of your camera and how to upload pictures.
  5. Must be able to learn how to use Zenfolio (our uploading site) and be able to return the pictures to us within a few days.
  6. Positively represent the Pet Alliance’s beliefs and philosophies.

Check back soon for information on how to register.