21 Neglected German Shepherds Find Fresh Start in Central Florida

21 German Shepherds are now safe at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

This weekend, Pet Alliance staff jumped to action after receiving a call that over 400 dogs needed to be rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia. At 6 a.m. on Saturday, January 5, four staff loaded into two vans and made the trek. The dogs were living outside in deplorable conditions at two separate locations.

When staff arrived, teams working onsite brought the dogs to them. One by one, each Shepherd was loaded into the van ready to be taken to safety.

At the shelter, the dogs were cleaned up and received lots of love and attention. Many of them are underweight and almost all are timid and a bit fearful. They spent their whole lives outside and with little human contact. Pet Alliance medical and behavioral staff will be doing a full assessment of all the dogs and providing them with what they need to get healthy and be ready for adoption.

Your support will ensure that these dogs will have the care and love they need. Thanks to you, we are able to care for these dogs and all of the other animals in our shelter. We could not do it without your support!

Pictured below are our volunteers showering one of our rescued German Shepherds with love, attention, and a much needed bubble bath, as well as an examination from our medical staff. Follow their story on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!