Anna & Cindy – A Legacy of Love

Anna Hume lived a life of kindness, generosity and love for her family. She spent the last several years of her life living at the Mayflower in Winter Park. Anna loved painting, water aerobics, and getting her hair and nails done – but she especially loved her cat Cindy. As Anna was making decisions about her estate, she spent a lot of time researching different organizations that did work she cared about. One of those organizations was Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Anna knew the gift she left would be used to support an organization that had spent the past 80 years caring for and finding homes for homeless pets. She designated a portion of her estate to help continue this work. Anna’s family reached out to Pet Alliance after her passing and asked if there was a way we could honor this wonderful legacy gift. In honor of her love of cats and especially Cindy, Pet Alliance named one of the community cat area in Orlando after Anna and Cindy. We hope the next time you visit, you check out the “Cat Community Room in Memory of Anna B. Hume” inside and “Cindy’s Catio” the cats’ outside enclosure.

If you are interested in finding out how you can make Pet Alliance a part of your legacy. Please contact Cathy Rodgers at 407-418-0904 or [email protected]

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