You to the Rescue!

All donations on this special day will be matched dollar for dollar up to $150,000 by the Sherry Chappell Cooper Foundation!

Tuesday, September 29


Hope for a better life is at the core of Pet Alliance’s rescue work. The opportunity to save vulnerable puppies, kittens, dogs and cats from devastating situations and natural disasters is critical to our mission.

Whether it’s driving to Miami at 3 am to meet a plane carrying dogs displaced by a hurricane, traveling just down the road to save puppies from a hoarding situation or transferring cats from an overcrowded shelter – our staff and volunteers are always ready to jump into action.

We believe it is our responsibility to rescue these animals and provide them with love, care, and a safe home.


Most of the time, animals surrendered to our shelter just need updated vaccines and a spay/neuter surgery before they are ready to go home. But, from time to time we see animals that are sick or injured.

Thankfully, we have a top-notch veterinarian and medical team on staff that is responsible solely for the care of our shelter animals. Not every shelter has this, and because of Dr. A and her team, we can help save the lives of more dogs and cats. Some animals just need some extra medication to deal with an infection, but occasionally we see more complex medical cases.

Whether it’s performing surgery to fix an injured limb or even providing a blood transfusion to help a small kitten survive – our shelter medical staff are here to help!


Our goal is for every dog and cat to find their forever home. Sometimes, they make a “pit stop” at a temporary home for a few days or weeks. The amazing volunteers that makeup Pet Alliance’s Foster Family are always ready to step in and help these dogs and cats! 

2020 is a unique year for many reasons, at Pet Alliance 2020 brought the largest activation of our Foster Families ever! In mid-March, for the safety of our staff and animals, we asked for help to house as many dogs and cats as possible in foster homes. The response was overwhelming! Fosters were also quick to help out when we implemented virtual adoptions – so we could get these animals into their forever homes quickly and safely. Although most animals were adopted to new families, some “foster failures” did occur. It’s hard to know when an animal will touch your heart and find its home with you – even when you aren’t expecting it! 

We are grateful for people like Tanya, who started off just wanting to help but eventually found her family’s newest member. And volunteers like the Gellner family who took in a sweet cat named Bowie……


Sometimes a small act of kindness can mean the world to someone. When Covid-19 hit our community and people started losing their jobs, the last thing Pet Alliance wanted them to worry about was how they would feed their pets.

The Pet Food Pantry has been in place for many years to help pet owners in need – and it jumped into overdrive in March 2020. Since then, more than 25,000 pounds of food have been distributed to help people restock their personal pet food pantry and ensure they have nutritious food for their pups and cats.

Pet Alliance is grateful for partners like Gold Key Roofing, Tito’s Vodka and Chewy – as well as many individual donors – who helped us keep hungry pet bellies fed!


YOU can come to the RESCUE for the dogs, cats, and pet owners in our community! 

Not only will your gift directly help the animals and people who need it most, but every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED and help TWICE as much thanks to a generous match by the Sherry Chappell Cooper Foundation!

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