You to the Rescue!

All donations on this special day will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000 by the Sherry Chappell Cooper Foundation!

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Tuesday, September 28

$25 Donation

Help a working cat find a job — sponsorships start at $25! 

Pet Alliance’s Whiskers Workforce program places community of “feral” cats in need to relocation with local business throughout Central Florida. 

These cats are better suited to live in barns, warehouses, wineries, plant nurseries, and earn their keep by controlling the rodent and pest population. 

Whisker’s Workforce cats want to work for you and be allowed to live a quality life in lieu of being euthanized and all they ask for in return is for you to provide food, water, and shelter.

$50 Donation

Enrich a shelter dog for a day — Sponsorships start at $50

When a pet is surrender to our shelters, staff and volunteers take great care in making their stay as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. From daily meals, walks, play time, supplementary training, and plenty of cuddles, we are their home.

It is not fair, and we feel for each pet who is brought to us, but we turn it into a positive experience none the less. The average length of stay for a dog or cat at the Pet Alliance  is between 9-14 days.  

During this time, Our staff use their knowledge and training to fully enrich each pet. One $50 donation can enrich the day-to-day lives of homeless pets in our care. You can make their time at the shelter PAWSOME with games and activities.

$100 Donation

Support a Litter of Foster Kittens — Sponsorships start at $100

During the summer months, when kittens are born homeless and in desperate need of help, the Pet Alliance opens its doors to care for thousands of kittens. Whether it’s a litter with or without a mom, or singletons who were found wondering the streets along, each kitten is given individualized medical care and attention. 

Like Barbra Jean and her six, two-week-old kittens Kyra, Brock, Reba, Cheyenne, Van, and Jake (the Reba litter).

If unprepared, Pet Alliance shelters will be easily overwhelmed with underage animals brought by the dozens to our doors each day. Kittens and puppies are the most at-risk animals in shelters. It can take an army of volunteers to care for underage animals because they require around the clock care. Double your gift this Giving Day to have your donation go TWICE as far. 

$250 Donation

Become a Healing Hero — Sponsorships start at $250

Most of the time, animals surrendered to our shelter just need updated vaccines and a spay/neuter surgery before they are ready to go home. But, from time to time we see animals that are sick or injured. Thankfully, we have a top notch veterinarian and medical team on staff that are responsible solely for the care of our shelter animals. Not every shelter has this, and because of Dr. A and her team, we can help save the lives of more dogs and cats. Some animals just need some extra medication to deal with an infection, but occasionally we see more complex medical cases. Whether it’s performing a surgery to fix an injured limb or even providing a blood transfusion to help a small kitten survive – our shelter medical staff are here to help! 

$500 Donation

Support our community pet food pantry for a week — Sponsorships start at $500

Sometimes a small act of kindness can mean the world to someone. Pet Alliance’s community Pet Food Pantry is a lifeline for those going through financial hardships and ensures that their dogs and cats stay with where they belong — with their owners.

We never want pet parents to have to choose between feeding their beloved animals and going without an equally important need, or having to give up their pet.

The Pet Food Pantry is entirely donor-funded. Pet parents rely on the kindness of our community to help their dogs and cats when they need it most. Help us Feed the Need this Giving Day!


YOU can come to the RESCUE for the dogs, cats, and pet owners in our community! 

Not only will your gift directly help the animals and people who need it most, but every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED and help TWICE as much thanks to a generous match by the Sherry Chappell Cooper Foundation!

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