Take a Shelter Dog out for Hound Around Town

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando invites our Central Florida community to connect with our shelter dogs — without the long-term commitment! Hound Around Town offers residents the chance to take a dog out of our Orlando and Sanford shelters for a two-hour-long outing.

Not only is it a good time for participants, but our shelter dogs will be furever grateful for the chance to relax outside the shelter, sniff all Pet Alliance approved place, and get exposure to the community.

Shelter dog Otto enjoying his Hound Around Town outing.

“Kennel environments can, at times, be overwhelming for our dogs, which is fair considering that our animals are owner surrendered  and have typically come from their familiar home environment,” says Jennifer Brehm, Pet Alliance’s Behavior Specialist. “Hound Around Town offers them a break that ultimately helps improve behaviors and has them spending time with different kinds of people.”

Simple activities like a walk, trip to the park, or even grabbing a quick Puppuccino from Starbucks can have lasting effects on a shelter dogs mental state. Jennifer explains, “When our dogs spend time out of their kennels, we see a reduction in barking, pacing, and  digging.  And a well-mannered pup is likely to find a forever home more quickly.”

The benefits aren’t just limited to less bored shelter dogs — they get exposure to potential adopters! While stylish and fun, the bright orange “Adopt Me” vest the dogs wear while out on Hound Around Town is Pet Alliance’s way to let passersby know that it isn’t just any ol’ pup they’re encountering. It’s a shelter dog looking for a home.

“For our dog lovers out there passing our pups on the street, it sparks a conversation,” says Jennifer. “While dogs are out on the town, they will have the opportunity to encounter potentially dozens more people who wouldn’t have come through the shelter and could potentially have a chance to meet their forever family.”

Come make a difference in the life of a shelter dog by taking them out for Hound Around Town today! Dogs are available to be checked out 7 days a week | 12-3 p.m. Your first steps?

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