The Story of Tommy and His Big Heart

I’m Tommy, and I have a special heart.

I came to Pet Alliance right after Christmas, and I heard Dr. A, the shelter vet, saying something about how big my heart is. I thought “This is great, who wouldn’t want a cat with a big heart?”

Dr. A did some tests and found something called a heart murmur. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I had to have an EKG done. It turns out I have a hole in my heart.

Finding a family as a kitty with special needs can be tough. The doctors tell me I might not have as long to love as other kitties, but I know one thing – in the time I do have, I’ll love my new family twice as much.

I’m looking for an amazing family who knows I have special medical needs and that I might only have 3 to 5 years left  – but in that time, I’ll show them just how much this big heart can love them. I know I deserve a family, just like any other kitty. Can you be the one who fills the hole in my heart?

Tommy’s Search for a Family

At Pet Alliance, we don’t give up on pets because they’re medically needy. We know there is a family out there who understands that Tommy will require special care for the rest of his life and that the rest of his life may be shorter than other kitties’. But, we also believe Tommy is just as deserving as a family of his own – and that they’re out there. That’s why we’ll cover the cost of Tommy’s first follow-up heart exam for his adopter.

Do you think you can be Tommy’s forever family? If so, call us at 407-351-7722 for details.

If you want to help cover the cost of Tommy’s medical expenses and support other special needs pets at Pet Alliance, please make a gift today.