A Letter From Steve

By Steve Bardy, Executive Director

This is the time of year I typically reflect on “How I Spent My Summer.”  Recalling the days when returning to school, an English teacher would inevitably ask the class to pen a paper on their summer activities and accomplishments.

As with many of you, I can easily think of all the things that did not occur – including a lifelong dream trip that was canceled. As my sister will tell you, I have always been an optimist – viewing life more than half full.  This has been particularly challenging in 2020, yet all the more important.

Thinking about all the changes and “new normals”, I realized that the Pet Alliance had a pretty awesome summer.  We made significant adjustments in March that enabled us to continue our life saving and prevention efforts.  Like everyone, we had to cancel activities and events such as summer camp and our fall gala, Furball.  They were really tough decisions, but they forced us to, as Winnie the Pooh says, “Think, think, think!”

While being creative and flexible is not new to us, we have never had to do it on such a large, daily scale.  You know what though? With the help of some engaged staff, volunteers and donors, we turned out a great summer of accomplishments that were helpful to the animals we serve and to our community. Here are some of our significant achievements:

  • Launching our first ever Giving Day on September 29, with an amazing $150,000 matching gift.
  • Hosted two large pet food distribution days in May and July with a third one planned for September.
  • Spayed/neutered 750 cats as part of our TNR program. (This is a very socially distanced activity!)
  • Transferred 197 dogs and 150 cats from area shelters that may otherwise have been euthanized.
  • With 74 percent of our intakes being cats, we assisted 832 kittens since May. Thank you FOSTERS!!
  • Adopted more than 1,500 dogs and cats since May.
  • Learned there are many ways to connect with our community, our volunteers and our adopters.

Aside from getting to wear a rather fetching Snoopy mask to work, I have been most assuredly reminded of the good: the good in people — whether friend or stranger. Daily, I have witnessed how caring and thoughtful people can be.  All it took was a small piece of cloth covering my mouth and nose for me to truly see what a great summer 2020 turned out to be. 


Executive Director

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