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This resource page covers topics ranging from kitten season to introducing new cats into your home. Pet Alliance works hard to ensure all the kittens and cats in our community have positive outcomes and live happy and healthy lives. We also included links to additional resources like Alley Cat Allies, the Kitten Lady and more at the bottom of the page.

Kitten Season

Spring is the start of kitten season! Each year, thousands of homeless kittens are born outside between March and September and we need the community’s help to care for them. If unprepared, Pet Alliance can be easily overwhelmed with kittens brought by the dozens to our doors each day.

Remember, the number one rule is don’t kit-nap kittens when you first find them! Wait to see if the momma cat comes back first. It’s important to remember that not every outdoor kitten needs saving.

To learn more, watch the video on what to do if you find kittens in the wild and click the buttons below to read more about how you can help.

Community Cat TNVR

Orange County is estimated to have around 80,000 community cats. These are the cats you see roaming around neighborhoods or near businesses that don’t have a permanent home. Some of them live in small groups and others live in large colonies. 

When kitten season arrives, many of these cats start having litters. A group of 6-7 cats can quickly turn into 20-30. In order to prevent this from happening, Pet Alliance actively performs targeted Trap-Neuter-Vaccine-Return (TNVR) events to prevent more kittens from being born. Through TNVR, entire colonies of community cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, eartipped, and then returned to their outdoor homes.

If you are interested in learning more about being a volunteer trapper for Pet Alliance’s TNVR program, please contact Cathy Houde to learn more!

Whisker's Workforce

Who says cats can’t have jobs? Some cats love punching the clock as part of Whisker’s Workforce. These cats are felines that cannot thrive living as a pet in a traditional household environment, but are better suited to live in barns, warehouses, wineries, plant nurseries, and earn their keep by controlling the rodent and pest population.

The Pet Alliance “PAWdcast”

The Pet Alliance “PAWdcast” fosters conversation about animal welfare topics in the sheltering world and beyond. In the first episode, we speak to Cathy Houde and Rodney Purvis, the dynamic duo who lead Pet Alliance’s Community Cat Initiative. Listen to learn more about Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return (TNVR) programs and how they help cats and their communities.

Adding a Cat to Your Family

Once you decide to add a new feline family member to your home, you need to be prepared to introduce them to their new environment. As excited as you may be to make them feel at home, remember that your new pet is probably a bit nervous and scared. The more patient and prepared you are, the better it will be for both you and the cat(s)!

Here are a few things to think about before you adopt and some tips and tricks to successfully integrate your new whiskered friend to their forever home!