Adopt a Dog – Adopt a Cat

More than 8,500 homeless dogs and cats will turn to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando for caring, compassion, and hope through our animal shelters this year.  By adopting a pet, you’re not only providing that animal a loving family and a safe home, you’re also making room for the sheltering of another homeless pet.  We can help you find the ideal pet for you—one that matches your lifestyle and your expectations.

Adoption hours:

7 Days a Week from 12pm – 6pm

View Animals Up For Adoption

This list is updated in real-time.

All adoptions are first come, first served. We can’t guarantee that specific animals listed here will be available to adopt by the time you visit our shelter. You may call our call center at 407-351-7722 Monday – Saturday, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM to place a non-refundable courtesy hold for $40 on most pets.

What to Bring to the Animal Shelter

Come prepared!

  • If you rent, we require that you obtain permission from your landlord and understand your pet policies prior to adopting
  • A driver’s license or other valid photo identification
  • We run adoption fee specials through out the year but standard adoption prices are:
    • $50 for cats and $100 for kittens.
    • Dog adoption fees range from $75 to $350.
  • The range of fees helps offset the price of housing some pets for extended periods of time.  We do not euthanize for time or space.

You can save time by downloading and completing the adoption application before you arrive at the animal shelter.

What to Expect When You Arrive at Home

Bringing home a new pet is exciting!  The experience of going home with a new family can also be a stressful and frightening for the animal.

Be calm and patient with your new pet.  Realize that a new environment can take some getting used to and he or she may act differently once acclimated to their new home.  Certain words, objects, or situations may bring about a reaction that you weren’t expecting. The new family member may or may not have been previously trained in the same manner that you wish to train them. 

Read some tips on what to do before you bring a pet home, during the first couple of days, and beyond.

What’s Included in the Adoption Fee

pet_brush-iconMost of the pets that you visit in our shelter will be ready to go home.

This means they have been:

  • Sterilized
  • Treated for internal and external parasites
  • Permanently identified with a microchip
  • Provided with core vaccines appropriate for dogs and cats including rabies, distemper, and upper respiratory viruses.  Cats receive a Feline Leukemia test.  Dogs will have been tested for heartworm disease.

Each pet also receives a $50 voucher for a post adopt clinic visit at either Pet Alliance clinic. The voucher is valid for 30 days after adoption and adopter must be enrolled in our FREE 30-day trial of PetFirst Pet Insurance. 

Some pets may require additional medication, which can be purchased at the time of adoption.  We also have a full-time animal behaviorist on staff who can assist with post-adoption behavior questions. Find out why we require each animal to be spayed or neutered before taken home.

Adoption FAQ’s

The adoption center is open 7 days a week, 12:00pm – 6:00pm.

No, our adoptions are done on a first come first serve basis.  All adoptions are done in person at our shelter, or designated offsite locations.  You can also fill out the adoption application online and bring it with you.

Yes, anyone that is 18 years or older is welcome to fill out an application on a pet of their choosing.  Our adoption staff will ensure it is a good fit for both you and the pet before the pet can go home.

Every pet will be spayed/neutered, microchipped, up to date on all shots and heartworm/flea prevention before you take them to their furever home.  You will also receive a $50 voucher to any Pet Alliance clinic as well as a FREE 30-day trial of PetFirst Pet Insurance.

We do have an option to place a pet on hold.  The hold fee is $40 and places the pet on hold until 6:00pm the following day.  Please note that hold fee is a non-refundable donation that does not go toward the adoption fee.  Call 407-351-7722, or use our website chat feature to place a hold.

We do not provide that service at our shelter

All adoptions are done on a first come, first serve basis.  Additionally, we do not have the ability to complete DNA tests at our shelter.  We do not maintain a waitlist for any age or breeds. Our website is your best resource as it is a real-time view of available pets.