Behavior Resources

Part of our mission is to keep animals who have homes in those homes.  We provide resources to help you understand your pet and address undesirable behaviors through our online library below ranging from introducing a dog to another pet, to addressing destructive scratching in cats.

For those who have adopted from the Pet Alliance, our Animal Behaviorist is available to answer any questions you may have.

Post Adoption Behavior Support

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando has created a training series called Bark U.  This series of classes and workshops is led by our Bark U Professor, Brad.  From Puppy Training to Advanced tricks, there’s a class for you.

You may also contact our Animal Behaviorist for a free phone or email consultation. And don’t forget to check out our Behavior Resource library below for help solving common behavior issues.

We have also partnered with local certified Force Free trainers to assist adopters in any behavior issues they may encounter after adoption. You will receive a discount on services for adopting from us.


Dog and Puppy Resources
Talk to Your Children
Your baby and your pet
Barking & Separation Anxiety
Crate Training
Dog Toys
Introducing Your Dog to Pets
Leash Manners
Puppy Chewing
Puppy Housetraining
Puppy Nipping

Cat and Kitten Resources
Your Baby and Your Pet
Fearful Cat
Introducing Your Cat to Pets
Toys and How to Use Them