Foster Homes

Members of the community can foster pets in their home, providing a safe place for animals to heal, grow, and develop outside of a shelter environment. We have both short-term and long-term foster opportunities. The first step in becoming a foster is to review the Foster Parent Position Description and sign up for an Volunteer Open House

You can follow some of our current fosters on Instagram (these accounts are not managed by Pet Alliance staff): @Orlando.Kittens, @PuppyFostering@OrlandoKittenMom, @OrlandoSmittenKittens

What Type of Pets Need Fostering?

kittens in basket smallerPuppies and kittens are our most common foster need because they must be a certain weight and age before they are available to adopt.

We also need foster homes for animals who have heartworm disease or other sicknesses and are undergoing treatment, as well as animals who will need some help in modifying their behavior outside of the shelter environment.

What Are the Financial Responsibilities of Fosters?

All food, litter, toys, bowls, and any medications or treatment are provided by the Pet Alliance, as we are able.  There are times the foster home may have to purchase items for an animal in their care.  This is considered a donation to the Pet Alliance and we are happy to provide an acknowledgment.

Any medical treatment is provided by the Pet Alliance, as long as the pet is brought to one of our veterinary clinics.   We do not reimburse for treatments provided at private veterinary clinics.  If you have any pets of your own, we ask that they be isolated from your foster pet for health reasons.  If a personal pet contracts an illness from a foster pet, we will not cover the expense to treat your pet.

Fosters Currently Up for Adoption