Wish List

At Pet Alliance, we are honored to care for homeless animals who find refuge with us until they find new homes.  Help us provide the best possible care by donating items from our wish list.

Feel free to drop off or ship any items directly to one of our shelters:

Sanford Shelter

2800 County Home Rd.
Sanford, FL 32773

Downtown Orlando Cat Shelter

777 W Central Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32805


What do our shelter pets need?

Questions? Please contact us.

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Kitten/Puppy Season Needs (High Priority) 

Bundle the items below to create a life-saving Kitten/Puppy Kit


Milk Replacer for Kittens – This is a special baby formula to help young kittens get essential nutrition in lieu of being able to nurse from their mothers.

Litter Boxes (small size for kittens) – We send each foster home with a litter box to help young kittens learn to use them appropriately. 

Natural Care Unscented Baby Wipes – Unscented, natural baby wipes are helpful for fosters to clean up any puppies or kittens as they need to be stimulated to defecate. 


Kitten Pate Wet Cat Food (Any Brand, Poultry flavors only) – Kitten’s who are weaning will receive Pate style wet food. One litter (depending on their age) can eat up to two cans a day! 

The Miracle Nip – During the summer months, thousands of kittens and puppies will turn to our foster parents for care. Miracle Nipples are the best for bottle babies are kittens tend to like the smaller size AND these nipples can be added to many different types of bottles.

Dry Food  – Kittens are known for having very sensitive stomachs while weaning. Our Shelter Vet notes that Kitten Chow and Purina One Kitten are the most gentle on their systems.

High Priority

Bleach – We know in light of COVID-19 that bleach and other cleaning supplies are in high demand. With delays in shipments of resources and shelter specific cleaners, we fall back on bleach for our daily clean routines. If you had an extra bottle at home you aren’t using, please consider donating or having a bottle delivered to the shelter.

Dry Dog Food (any brand) – Roughly 800 lbs of food are used per month for Pet Food Pantry. That’s about 28 lbs of food per day! 

Adult Wet Dog Food (any brand) – One case of wet food like the one seen here is able to feed 6 dogs for the day. 

Wet Puppy Food (any brand) – Puppies tend to have sensitive stomachs after weening, so puppy food is a great calorie-rich option for them!

Adult Wet Cat Food – Yummy and nutritious, any variety is welcome.

Dry Cat Food (Any Variety)  – Roughly 800 lbs of food are used per month for Pet Food Pantry. That’s about 28 lbs of food per day! 

Cat Traps for Trap Neuter Return program We are currently in need of animal traps to help with our trap, neuter, return (TNR) program. The hope is to reduce the number of kittens born in the wild and to help community cats throughout Central Florida.

Medium Priority

 Puppy Training Pads Our Fosters can uses several puppy pads a day depending on the size of the litter they are adopting. 

Slip Leads – The easiest way to get a dog out of their kennel is to use a slip lead! 

Cat Litter (Non-clumping | Any Brand) – Last year we used an estimated 73,000 lbs of cat litter in our shelters. 

Litter Boxes (any brand medium and large sizes) – Did you know that our feline residents get a fresh litter box every day? 

Pet Enrichment

Dog Treats (any brand/style) – 5 lbs of dog treats are used daily in the shelter alone. More are used for training and enrichment programs.

Training Dog Treats – When it comes to teaching a dog new tricks, the stinker the treats, the better more focused they get! These treats we have listed are a great size and the pups love them. 

 Lickimat Slow Feeder – Slow feeders help entertain our dogs (and cats!) by exercising their minds. 

KONG dog toys – Mostly indestructible, these toys are great to fill with peanut butter, pumpkin and treats to help enrich our dogs. 

Cat Treats (any brand/style) – cat treats often help our cats come out of their shells and adjust to their kennels easier. They learn to associate the treats with our loving volunteer Kitty Cuddlers. 

Stretch & Scratch! Exercise and stress relief tool for shelter cats.

Interactive Dog Cat Bowl Slow Feeder – Slow feeders help entertain our dogs (and cats!) by exercising their minds. 

Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew Dog Toy

On-Going Needs

Paper Towels (any brand/style) Paper towels are essential to helping keep our shelters clean.

Liquid Laundry Detergent (any brand) –An average of 30 loads of laundry are washed and dried every day between our clinics and shelters

Cosequin (for older cats)

Dasuquin (for older dogs)

Clear Plastic Paper Holders – To place animal paperwork inside and hang on kennels.

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