A #NationalPuppyDay Surprise!

We are currently caring for 10 puppies who had nowhere else to go.

We recently received a special delivery of 10 puppies, who were flown by private plane from Georgia to Central Florida after a foster could not be found for them in the area where they were born. Pet Alliance staff members were stationed and ready to receive the pups right on the tarmac!

Since the puppies had lived outside for their entire 4 weeks of life with no medical care, they were immediately brought to our veterinary team for a check-up. Aside from some easily treatable parasites that are found in many young cats and dogs who come from the great outdoors, these little ones were in great health. With that, the seven girls and three boys, who were all given names of bird species, were sent into foster care to learn and grow until they’re ready for adoption.  

We’re grateful to be able to help this hefty litter mature in a safe environment, but their arrival means that we now have just under 100 animals currently in foster care who need resources like nourishing meals and medical care. 

You can help us provide second chances for our most vulnerable pets!

All Pet Alliance locations are closed Saturday, February 10. Come see us at Paws in the Park