You may notice that things look a little different around here! As we get ready to build a new home for our shelter pets, we also decided to spruce up Wags and Whiskers’ surroundings!

Recently, Pet Alliance partnered with local creative agency, Prismatic, to give our brand a refresh. The new look includes an updated logo and color palette that have a modern feel while maintaining the core identity that people associate with Pet Alliance.

Wags and Whiskers remain at the heart of our logo and will continue to be featured strongly throughout the Pet Alliance brand. The new primary color palette is more nuanced. Wags’ bright yellow fur is updated to a more natural buff color while the orange and brown remain the same. The secondary colors include a salmon pink and a new peacock blue shade that provide a contemporary look.

Another small difference you may spot is that our name looks a little shorter. Most people refer to us as simply Pet Alliance, and we are reflecting that in our brand update! Our primary service area continues to be the greater Orlando region, which includes Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties. However, we also partner with agencies throughout Florida and the southeastern United States and across the Caribbean islands to transfer in dogs and cats who need new homes. Rather than confine ourselves to a geographic area, the new shortened name embraces our goal of helping any pet find a safe and loving home and providing assistance to pet owners in need.

A big thank you to Prismatic for providing partial pro-bono creative services, branding and marketing work for Pet Alliance via their >GOOD Initiative!