Senior Services

AniMeals on Wheels

Special express delivery of pet food directly to the homes of animals in need living with senior citizens ensures that no loved and cared-for animal goes hungry.  There is no charge for these services for qualified participants.

For seniors interested in a service that allows us to take care of and adopt out animals after their human’s death, learn about our PAWS-itive Care program.

Who Is Eligible?

Senior citizens who live in Osceola, Orange, or Seminole County and who meet specific criteria, qualify for Home Delivered Pet Food Pantry. Participants are screened and approved through one of our partner programs:

What’s Included?

Home delivered pet food is the core service of this program.  However, depending on the amount of donations we receive, we sometimes also include healthy treats and toys for the animals. Basic veterinary services, including spaying or neutering of dogs and cats and routine vaccinations, are also free of charge for participants.

Seniors for Seniors

Our “Seniors for Seniors” adoption program is all about senior adopters rediscovering the joys of having a cat or dog in their lives. The program places senior cats and dogs (typically over 6 years of age) with senior citizens who are 60 years of age or older.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando will waive the adoption fee to encourage such placements of senior animals in loving homes.


Benefits of adopting

  • Research tells us that companion animals, such as cats and dogs, can help improve our physical and mental health. By adopting and spending time with an animal friend, you can experience the benefits of lowered stress levels and blood pressure.
  • Cats and dogs provide friendship for lonely individuals, and open opportunities for interacting with others which an older person may miss if family is far away.
  • The company of a beloved pet has been proven to reduce depression.
  • The quiet and doting home of a senior citizen is the perfect match for an older animal looking for a new home.
  • Senior animals are often gentler, calmer companionship, and often are already trained.

For more information about our “Seniors for Seniors” adoption program or to arrange a visit to the animal shelter, please call us at 407-351-7722.

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