Fireworks Aren’t Fun for Pets

Pets are often the bedrock of family shindigs with their contagious enthusiasm, killer on-them outfits, and the ability to make the room feel lighter. Backyard BBQ’s wouldn’t be the same without a wagging tail, and late-night board games are required to have a cat stampede across them flinging tokens as they go. It’s tradition.

However, with social distancing concerns for many families this 4th of July, fireworks displays have been canceled and friends/extended family who would normally celebrate with you may have shrunk significantly. So we may be leaning on pets for a bit more support this Independence Day with even smaller family celebrations taking place at home.

As much as we want to include our pets during these celebrations, please keep in mind that bringing the party to your own backyard with fireworks and loud noises can be an interruption in your pet’s normally calm routine and can pose safety and anxiety concerns. Now, imagine your whole block celebrating the same way. Your dog, cat, or other furry friends, could be exposed to more loud noises and flashes with neighborhood fireworks, which can lead to your pet being unnecessarily frightened. 

It’s important to make sure, along with your whole family, to celebrate safely and respectfully. Always remember that fear isn’t a bad behavior your pet has learned, it’s a temporary emotional response. So be patient when practicing pet safety by keeping them indoors and always help your pet cope with their anxiety if it arises. 

Below are a few tips to keep in mind for pet safety this 4th of July:

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