Before & After: Four-week-old Santos’ Incredible Recovery

Watch Santos' Transformation

There always seems to be one kitten who stands out as the first to ring in the start of kitten season each year. We never know who it will be, or what condition they will arrive in, but they always usher in behind them an eruption of kittens brought to the shelters in need of care


Sweet 1-month old Santos was the calm before the “Kitten Season” storm this year. He arrived at the Orlando shelter incredibly underweight for his age, sick with a severe upper respiratory infection and swollen eyes. To help Santos get much needed breathing relief, staff repurposed a feral cat carrier into a nebulizer treatment “sauna”. 

Many shelters do not have the time, space, or resources to treat pets like Santos. For over 10 weeks we nursed him back to health with multiple nebulizer treatments each day, topical antibiotic for his eyes and all the love encouragement we could muster to get him to keep fighting.


Your gift today can help ensure that all pets in need receive the care, compassion, and love they deserve. Watching Santos heal throughout his 10-weeks in our care was a true transformation, but it would not have been possible without your support. 


During the summer months, when thousands of kittens are born homeless and in desperate need of medical attention like Santos, there’s even more urgency. Please consider making a lifesaving gift today. We need your help more than ever at this busy time.


$15 – Microchip 1 shelter cat

$25 – Test 2 kittens for FeLV and FIV

$35 – One month supply of kitten formula

$50 – Two cases of wet food (feeds 12 kittens) 

$100 – Sponsors one feline spay/neuter surgery 

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