Kitten Season: “We Need Foster Parents to Save Lives”

Meet Monroe. He was born just 10 days ago and as the story usually goes during kitten season — he was found by a good Samaritan, no mom in sight and most of his littermates had passed away.

10-day-old Monroe held and cared for by Foster Coordinator, Susan Russell.

We are about to embark on the start of kitten season when thousands of kittens will be born in the Central Florida area. Because it is warm pretty much year round here in Florida, we can be overwhelmed with kittens being brought into the shelter. Foster parents open their homes until kittens/puppies are eight weeks old, at least two pounds, and have received spay/neuter surgeries before they’re eligible for adoption — and it’s no easy feat!

These kittens are the most at-risk animals in a shelter, and it takes an army of volunteers to care for underage kittens as they require around the clock care. This involves hourly feedings, stimulation to relieve themselves, and the reheating of heating disks or heating pads as they are unable to regulate their body temperature on their own until they’re about four weeks old.

While incredibly tough work, especially considering how much can be set against these kittens in their first few weeks of life, it’s so rewarding to see little guys like Monroe thrive.

Learn more about becoming a Foster Parent by attending an open house and help us save lives this kitten season!