Over 200 Kittens Dropped Off at the Shelters

It’s kitten season and we need your help! At Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, we currently have 200+ kittens in foster care and we are in need of supplies to help care and raise them to 8 weeks old before they’re eligible for adoption

It has been raining kittens at the shelter these last few months and their arrival is never “one size fits all”. They come to us in various conditions, age groups, with or without their mom, but one thing remains clear — they are in need of our help. 

Kittens are the most at risk in the shelter and require around the clock care. 

Like 6-week-olds Tommy and Jerry, who entered our care at just three weeks old. They have been lovingly raised by their foster parent with bottle feedings every three hours, received help reliving themselves as they need to be stimulated to go to the bathroom, and were kept warm with heating pads until they could regulate their body temperature

Now, somewhat weaned from the bottle, they are eating on their own, playing, and giving so much love to all who meet them. If it weren’t for the time and care from their foster parent, donations of kitten formula and other supplies, and access to lifesaving medical assistance (as many kittens without moms tend to require), we would not have been able to save them. We count on the kindness of our community to help us during this season! 🐱🍼 

Please consider making a lifesaving donation today!