Pet Alliance Shelter Star – Irene

Pet Alliance Shelter Star Irene is the proud mom of five-year-old Roxy, who she describes as sweet, loving, and playful – especially with her cat sister, Lucy! Irene talked with us about her experience as a monthly donor to Pet Alliance, why she prefers giving monthly, and how she feels about helping the pets in our shelter and the community as a whole.

Why do you give to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando?

I give because animals need our help, they depend on humans to help them and they bring so much joy and comfort to all. A companion for a lonely elderly person, a best friend for a child. The Pet Alliance has done so much for animals as well as humans, they help in the community with low-cost veterinary care as well as food and very important spay and neuter programs.

What do you love about Pet Alliance’s mission and in what ways do you see it implemented in the community?

Not only do they help place animals in happy homes, they help keep families together, such as helping the elderly feed their pets. The Pet Alliance also helps educate people about the importance of animal welfare and how everyone can have a happy life with a pet!

Why do you choose to give monthly as opposed to a one-time gift?

I feel more connected, meaning I feel I can help out more, and feel it can help with the immediate day-to-day sudden needs that the shelter may encounter such as food, treats, leashes, etc.

How does Pet Alliance make you feel appreciated and that your gift is being put to good use?

I have volunteered, raised money and been aware of Pet Alliance for over 10 years and I can see from the events they hold for pet adoptions and the collaboration they make with other volunteer organizations that they are doing their best to help animals and humans alike, so I feel good knowing that my gift is helping save one more fur baby.

You can become a shelter star here