Puppy Nipping

When puppies play with each other, they use their mouths, so they may also be inclined to bite or “mouth” your hand during play or when being petted.

Encourage Acceptable Behavior

Puppies must learn Bite Inhibition. That’s basically how hard is too hard or the difference between a play bite and a bite-bite.  So as long as your puppy keeps the mouthing soft, allow this natural puppy behavior to continue.

Discourage Unacceptable Behavior

If your puppy bites you too hard to the point it causes any pain or discomfort make a loud YELP or OUCH and immediately stop playing or interacting with the puppy.

For more on puppy mouthing, go to:

Jumping Up

When your puppy jumps up on you, she wants attention. Even if you push her away, she is still getting attention (even if it is a response that you might consider negative). When your puppy jumps up:

  • Fold your arms in front of you, and turn away from her.
  • Continue to turn away from her until all four paws are on the ground, then praise her.

For more on jumping, go to:

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