Sanford Location Opens Shelter Medical Clinic

Veterinarian Dr. Morris with Clinic staff member Leslie Martinez.

Pet Alliance’s Sanford shelter recently opened a dedicated shelter veterinary clinic due to a generous gift from the Estate of Annie L. Bowman. A longtime resident of Casselberry, and friend of many cats, Annie chose to include Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando in her will. Annie’s family wanted to ensure the gift would have a lasting impact on animals, and the opportunity to fund a new state of the art shelter clinic was a perfect fit.

Over the last few years, the Sanford shelter relied heavily on the resources from Pet Alliance’s public clinic to operate and care for the animals surrendered to the shelter. 

The gift from the Estate of Annie L. Bowman provided the resources needed to fund equipment purchases and renovations to complete the shelter medical space. Having a shelter medical clinic and dedicated veterinary team to care for shelter pets allows Pet Alliance to better meet the healthcare needs of the animals and create a more efficient operation.

“The Sanford shelter clinic will have a significant impact on our shelter pets,” said Fraily Rodriguez, Vice President of Operations. “Pet Alliance’s policy is that all dogs and cats in our shelters must be seen by a veterinarian and, if needed, spayed or neutered before adoption. Before Sanford had its own shelter medical team, animals had to wait, sometimes for days at a time, to be seen by veterinarians in our public clinic. Now, our dedicated staff is doing surgeries 5-6 days a week, which translates to our animals being ready for adoption sooner”

Sanford Shelter Medical team and Shelter staff.

The full-time team made up of Veterinarian, Dr. Nanea Morris, and Veterinary Technician, Tanya Ogle is very excited to have this amazing new clinic space where each dog and cat surrendered to Pet Alliance receives a thorough medical exam, vaccines, preventive medicine, specialized medical issues, and spay/neuter surgery (if needed)—without a significant wait time.

‘It’s exciting how a meaningful innovation like this, thanks to the kindness of donors like Annie and her family, can end up saving more lives in our Seminole County community.”

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