Dog Safety for Children

Dogs are not little people in fur coats.  They don’t think as we do.  Our actions may not appear they way we intend them to.  Not all dogs are friendly to children.  Some of them may not be feeling well or simply do not want to be bothered. For the safety of your children and you, and others’ pets, please speak to your children about proper ways to interact with dogs. Here is a list of behaviors every child needs to know:

Do not bark at a dog or put your face near his face. 
He may take this as a challenge, and react by fighting/biting.

Do not hold your hands high. 
A dog may think you have a wonderful treat for him and jump for it with his mouth open.

Do not use your dog’s crate as your playroom.
This is the dog’s very special personal place to relax.

Do not crawl toward a dog or back him into a corner. 
He may feel he has to defend himself, and he may be afraid.

Never sit on a dog’s back. 
This puts the dog in a position of having to defend himself.  No matter how big the dog is, his back is not strong enough to support even a very small child.

Do not run up to a strange dog and try to pet it, even if it is on a lead. 
Always ask the owner’s permission first.

Do not scream and try to run away from a dog you do not know. 
Running makes a dog think you want to play.

If you are in danger, pretend you are a rock.
Close your eyes and be very, very still. Then, move slowly and quietly to a safe place.