They All Deserve Care

Sanchez has not had an easy life.

The 8-week-old kitten was brought to the shelter in a shoebox after being found outside all alone. Covered from foot to tail in sores from itchy scabies mites, emaciated, and exhausted from trying to survive on his own — Sanchez’s rescuer couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

He arrived at Pet Alliance where he was able to begin the long road to recovery. Sanchez received his first medicated bath that provided instant relief to his irritated skin, he experienced the joy of wet food and a full belly, as well as received his first cuddles from shelter staff.  

Scabies is fully treatable, but since it takes four weeks for kittens to fully heal, many shelters do not have the time or space to treat pets like Sanchez. Your gift today can help ensure they receive the care, compassion, and love they deserve.

Please consider making a lifesaving donation today. We need your support more than ever at this busy time.

$15 – Microchip 1 shelter cat
$25 – Test 2 kittens for FeLV and FIV
$35 – One month supply of kitten formula
$50 – Two cases of wet food (feeds 12 kittens)
$100 – Sponsors scabies treatment for one cat

It’s heartbreaking to think about the animals in your community who are struggling to survive.

And during the summer months, when thousands of kittens are born homeless and in desperate need of medical attention like Sanchez, there’s even more urgency.

Thank YOU for your support!