Diary of a Bored Dog

Staying at Pet Alliance is pretty nice. The people are very friendly and they take great care of me. We get to play, but I’m not sure about some of these toys they have. Luckily, I think the staff is working on a plan to get some cool new equipment. I overheard them say that a donor challenged them to raise $6,000 to purchase new toys and equipment. If you can help them do that, the donor will pay to build us a new play yard at the Sanford location!

The money you donate will allow Pet Alliance to purchase two lure courses, which are systems that pull lures around a course that we get to chase. It’s great exercise and really fun! The money will also be used to purchase flirt poles and other toys and enrichment. All of us dogs can’t wait!


Help us raise $6,000 to purchase dog enrichment equipment and build a new play yard in Sanford!