Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando accepts dogs and cats only for care in our shelters.  However, there are a variety of local resources to help other animals as well.

Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

If you find a wild animal who is injured, or a baby animal who is orphaned, there are various organizations that will take in and rehabilitate that animal.  Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge and Education Center will care for small, native Florida wildlife.  If the injured animal is large, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission should be contacted.

For all injured or orphaned birds of prey, please contact the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey.  If you happen to find an injured aquatic animal, otter, wading bird, and saltwater turtles or tortoises, contact SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue program.

Relinquishing Other Animals

If you have a pet other than a cat or dog who you are relinquishing, or if you can no longer care for a livestock animal or horse, please contact Fallin’ Pines Critter Rescue, Inc.

Other Wildlife Resources

For dog and cat cruelty reports, contact Orange County Animal Services, Osceola County Animal Services, Seminole County Animal Services, or your local Animal Services agency.   To report livestock animal cruelty, contact your county’s Sheriff’s Department (Orange County, Osceola County, or Seminole County).