Student In-Kind Donation Drives


What to do:

  • Please be sure you have your parents’ permission before you get started.
  • Create posters or flyers for your pet food drive. Please use our Wish List to ask for the appropriate items. Remember this is a food/supply drive. Do not ask for money.
  • Contact friends, neighbors, relatives, your school and/or church, area businesses, etc. to solicit pet food donations of fresh, unexpired, unopened bags of dry cat and dog food as well as other supplies listed on our Wish List.
  • Fill out all paperwork necessary.  This includes the Community Service Hours Application, the list of donated items, and the quantity of those items. Paperwork should be filled out before you drop of the donations. If the paperwork is not completely filled out, you will not receive any credit for the project. Please note, shelter or business office staff will not be able to help you with any paperwork.  They will accept donations and make sure that the volunteer manager gets your paperwork, but are unable to fill out any forms for you.

View Application & List of Donated Items

  • Drop off food/supplies during our open hours (10am-5pm Monday thru Saturday; 12pm-4pm Sunday) at either shelter along with all necessary documentation.  We are closed on major holidays.  Please remember that all paperwork must be filled out prior to drop off.
  • Once we have received the donation of supplies, we will send you a “Certificate of Achievement” within 10 business days, and/or any forms required by your school verifying the project and hours completed.
  • It is your responsibility to all present all paperwork, including school forms to us with your completed project.  Please note that requests for expedited verification of service hours will not be accepted. We are happy to help you with your Community Service Hours (CSH).  However, this is a project that you must plan according to your timeline.  The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is not responsible for projects turned in late or not accepted by the school.
  • Remember to thank those who donated and helped you with this project.

Things to remember:

  • We cannot accept opened bags of food.  Please see our Wish List for requested items.
  • Bags of dry food other than Science Diet must be 12 pounds or less. Any size bag of Science Diet dry food is accepted.
  • We cannot accept donations of food that are past the expiration date.
  • Remind donors that food/treats should always be kept out of the sun/elements while being stored and while waiting for pick-up.
  • All paperwork must be filled out before dropping off items.
  • It will take up to 10 business days to receive your verification via e-mail or postal mail.
  • Requests for expedited verification will not be honored.
  • Please remember, this is an ongoing need.  We use these supplies every day! We hope you will donate again throughout the year.