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Improving Cat Care

Animal shelters are stressful for any pet but especially for cats.  While every effort is made to keep temporary resident Read more >

Happy Holiday with Pets and Guests

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson It’s the holiday season. A stressful time for most of us as we try to Read more >

Become a Kennel Coach

By Volunteer Coordinator Nicolle Taylor Did you know that keeping your dog or cat’s mind active ultimately makes them happier Read more >

Barking: What it Means and How to Control it

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson Barking is a dog’s natural reaction to changes in their environment.  Please allow your dog Read more >

Back to School Routine: Don’t Forget Your Pet

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson If you have children or work for the school system, you know what the month Read more >

The Hazards of Keeping Pets Outdoors

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson Should your pet live inside the home with you or outside? This is a question Read more >

Keep Pets Calm During Fireworks

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson The fifth of July is the busiest day of the year for Animal Shelters. Why? Read more >

Dog Toys

For dogs toys are a necessity. Toys help fight boredom and toys can even help prevent some problem behaviors from Read more >

Puppy Nipping

When puppies play with each other, they use their mouths, so they may also be inclined to bite or “mouth” Read more >

Kitten Supplies

Outfitting a house for a new cat isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem. Just a little advance thought Read more >