Kole Has Been Looking for a Home for 82 Days

For 7-year-old Kole, New Year’s Eve marks his 82nd day at the shelter searching for a forever home. With the average length of stay for most dogs at Pet Alliance being 9 days, he’s been in our care 8x as long. 


It’s hard to think about what he’s missed out on this year while at the shelter. Pets have helped so many families since the pandemic started by filling the emotional gaps of missing loved ones, traditions, celebrations of the season and now a new year.


It isn’t fair. As anyone who has met Kole knows, he will make a perfect companion for the right person — and he deserves the time he needs to find them. But it’s not possible without your support.

We end one year, and begin the next with hope for Kole and all the dogs and cats at Pet Alliance. 

Year-end gifts get right to work for the dogs and cats, ensuring that we give more than just shelter. You give the gift of time and you’re supporting their journey through the cost of medical care, meals, playtime and lots of love from staff and volunteers — no matter how long it takes. 

Make your year-end tax deductible gift count. Kole, and the thousands of pets who come into our care each year, depend on you. Will you help them?

$25 – microchips 2 dogs 

$50 – monthly heartworm treatment for 9 dogs  

$100 – spay/neuter surgery for one shelter pet 

$250 – flea treatment for 10 dogs

$500 – spay/neuter surgery for five shelter pets