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Improving Cat Care

Animal shelters are stressful for any pet but especially for cats.  While every effort is made to keep temporary resident cats as happy as possible while they wait for their forever home, cats in a shelter are frightened in a strange environment, experience new sounds and smells, and are surrounded by unfamiliar people.  All of…

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Happy Holiday with Pets and Guests

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson It’s the holiday season. A stressful time for most of us as we try to cram as much “Fa La La La La” into our lives as we possibly can. But what about the needs of our pets? Are they still being met? Many people may answer ‘No.’ Our pets…

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Become a Kennel Coach

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By Volunteer Coordinator Nicolle Taylor Did you know that keeping your dog or cat’s mind active ultimately makes them happier and healthier? At the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, we have volunteers that are devoted to keeping our pets’ minds active each day. Our Kennel Coaches, as we call them, donate their time to complete…

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Barking: What it Means and How to Control it

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson Barking is a dog’s natural reaction to changes in their environment.  Please allow your dog to indulge as long as the barking is reasonable.  So what is reasonable?  Barking briefly at strangers passing by, other animals, loud noises etc. What is not reasonable?  That’s simple. When it annoys your neighbors.…

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Back to School Routine: Don’t Forget Your Pet

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson If you have children or work for the school system, you know what the month of August means: back to school. Not only does this event change your daily routine significantly, but it can also cause behavior issues in your pet. Pets, both dogs and cats thrive on routine. Have…

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The Hazards of Keeping Pets Outdoors

By Animal Behaviorist Diane Anderson Should your pet live inside the home with you or outside? This is a question that many people face when deciding whether or not to get or keep a pet. Below is information to help with that choice, and options to make life a little easier and more enriched for…

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