Feed The Need: Donate to the Pet Food Pantry

No pet parent should have to feel the panic and stress of prioritizing pet food purchases against a laundry list of other financial responsibilities. Especially if it means the difference between keeping their beloved pets or surrendering them to the shelter.

But as the spread of COVID-19 continues, so do these struggles for millions of families who are feeling the pressure of unemployment or reduced wages. With curbside pet food pickup event back in May 2020, we reached over 700 families in need and we were able to give away over 15,000 pounds of food

Still, 30 minutes before distribution was supposed to end, we ran out of food and, unfortunately, had to turn people away. Between the overwhelming turnout at the giveaway and the continued spike in Pet Food Pantry appointments overall, it is clear to us that there is still more need.

We are preparing for our second community pet food giveaway, but we could use your help with food donations so we don’t have to turn families in need away for lack of resources. 

How to Donate Food to Pet Alliance

The simplest way to donate pet food is to order online and have it shipped to one of our shelters. We accept donations of any type of dry or wet dog and cat food. Please use the addresses below for shipping. THANK YOU!

Orlando Shelter

2727 Conroy Rd.

Orlando, FL 32839

Sanford Shelter

2800 County Home Rd.

Sanford, FL 32773

Do you need Pet Food?

If you are in need of pet food, you can make an appointment to pick-up free food by calling  (407) 351-7722 or schedule online here:

Our Pet Food Pantry is accepting appointments on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00am – 2:00pm.

ORLANDO: https://app.waitwhile.com/book/orlandoshelter

SANFORD: https://app.waitwhile.com/book/sanfordshelter

Food pick-up is available at our Orlando and Sanford shelter locations.

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Thank You Fosters Parents! You are helping Save Lives!

With so many people at home during April and May, many trading their office desk for makeshift home offices, the world’s new normal wasn’t the most natural of transitions. But still, many people wanted to find a way to fill their days at home helping the community. One way many people chose to do that was by fostering a dog or cat from Pet Alliance. 

During those two months 334 animals spent time in a foster home. With the community’s help, Pet Alliance was able to keep the number of animals in the shelter very low. This helped minimize the number of staff onsite and provide a comfortable place for these animals to ride out the pandemic. Below are spotlights on two of our foster volunteers.

Gabrielle and Cody

We became dog foster parents at the beginning of April. Since then, we have fostered three lovely ladies so far; Storm, Luna, and Daisy!

Cody and I grew up with family dogs and have a passion for animals but with a very busy work schedule we felt we didn’t have enough time to balance everything and a dog. During the lock-down we both started working from home and we thought it would be the perfect time to open up our home to animals that were looking to get adopted!

The best part of being a foster is when the dog has been with us for a little while and feels comfortable enough to open up and really show their personalities. I am so glad that during the search for their permanent home we can hang out with them in a relaxed home environment. And hopefully it resembles what will soon be their permanent home!

If you are thinking about becoming a foster, we say go for it! There are so many different dogs out there with so many different personalities and you might be the exact person they need during a relatively stressful time. We have seen just how many dogs and families Pet Alliance helps and we are happy to be able to be a small part in helping out this community!


I have never fostered any animals before this, however, during my childhood and as a teen in Northern Italy I rescued and bottle fed some kittens. We were a cat-friendly family and, over a couple of decades, we had dozens of cats. In the mid-nineties, we finally found a reliable veterinarian who offered spaying services, which helped put an end to the periodic merry explosion of kittens. 

I always wanted to have animals around. However, as a full-time researcher and university professor, I spend most of my time at the office and need to travel nationally and internationally multiple times a year. Because of this I did not have the time to foster an animal, let alone own one. In Spring 2020, two major events have changed these circumstances. First, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that I had to cancel all my travels for the year and work from home for several months in a row. Second, I received tenure, and hence I did not feel the same pressing urgency I otherwise would to sacrifice all the time freed up by the cancelled international and commute trips to do even more work. I decided instead to make some room to help animals, even if for a brief time.

I really enjoy seeing kittens grow, heal, play and be happy. The support framework offered by Pet Alliance is a major game changer. Pet Alliance offers superb logistics, veterinary care, education and materials to help make the experience of raising baby animals, which may have special needs, quite manageable. 

I would tell someone interested in fostering that if you have a natural inclination to help animals, have experience with them, can provide (and maintain) a sanitary confined and enriched space within your house, and can afford making the occasional trip to Pet Alliance, you should definitely go for it. Fostering animals is a fulfilling and entertaining experience. It is also conveniently confined to a limited time frame of only a few weeks, as opposed to adoption, which entails a much long-term commitment of years or decades. 

Interested in Fostering?

While Pet Alliance is limiting our volunteer opportunities at the shelter, you can still get involved and help pets by becoming a foster parent!  From adult and senior dogs and cats, as well as kittens and puppies, we need your help in taking care of pets who turn to Pet Alliance while they are at their most vulnerable  — homeless

Please head over to our Foster Parent page to learn more. 

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Pet Alliance Distributes 15,000 pounds of food to people and pets in need… and counting!

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando has operated a pet food pantry for almost twenty years to help fellow community members who need a helping hand. The last thing we want any pet owner to worry about is how they will feed their pet. Any resident can stop by our shelters and receive a free bag of pet food to help get them by. On average, the pantry provides food for between 15-20 animals each month. 

Since the beginning of March, the growth in need for this program has been exponential. What started as a steady stream soon grew to a tidal wave of need. The pantry quickly began giving away food for nearly 100 animals each week and on Friday, May 1st a curbside pick-up event distributed 15,000 pounds of food to people and pets in need in Central Florida. People showed up more than 2-hours before the event began and many people spent nearly that long waiting to pick-up their food. The need was apparent to the shelter staff that worked hard to coordinate the event and load the food into everyone’s car. Just as obvious was the gratitude of the people receiving the food – there were many words of thanks and smiling eyes behind the masks.


Help Support the On-Going Need

We are so grateful that the community responded to this need with an abundance of pet food and financial donations. It is because of you that we have the resources and food available to help our neighbors in need. We believe we will continue to see an increased need for this program and will work hard to keep the pantry stocked.

If you would like to support the Pet Food Pantry by donating food, you can drop it off at either shelter location or have it shipped directly from an online retailer to the addresses below. We need both dog and cat food – but the highest need right now is cat food.

Orlando Shelter

2727 Conroy Road
Orlando, FL 32839

Sanford Shelter

2800 County Home Road
Sanford, FL. 32773

How to Pick Up Free Pet Food

If you or someone you know needs pet food, appointments to pick-up food at both our Sanford and Orlando locations can be made by calling (407) 351-7722 or scheduling online:

ORLANDO: https://app.waitwhile.com/book/orlandoshelter

SANFORD: https://app.waitwhile.com/book/sanfordshelter

Limited Services Open at Pet Alliance Clinics & Shelters

Posted Friday, May 1, 2020 

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando will be offering limited services in light of Florida’s stay-at-home order entering phase 1 for local businesses on Monday, May 4, 2020. Please see below for what services will be available and when at our clinics and shelters:

Orlando & Sanford Clinics

Effective Saturday, May 2, 2020, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Clinics in Sanford and Orlando will be offering services by appointment only Monday – Saturday. 

For the safety of our clients at the Pet Alliance Veterinary Clinics, we will continue to implement a modified clinic process for public protection. Here is what you can expect: 

  • No clinic walk-ins — clinics will operate by appointments only. Clients can visit our website for more on scheduling their next visit. 
  • Clients will not be allowed in the clinic — Clients with an appointment are asked to wait inside their vehicle with their pet after they sign in at the clinic door. They will be met outside by a receptionist, signed in to our new online que, and then asked to wait in their car until they receive a text message that an exam room is ready to receive their pet. 
  • Exam rooms will be cleaned thoroughly between each pet with a cleaning agent that is left on surfaces for at least 5 minutes.
  • End of life services will also be offered, but clients will need to wear a mask in order to enter the building. 

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando will also continue to suspend all spay and neuter and elective surgeries. This includes all vouchers. All clients will wait in their cars and will receive a text to bring their pets to the clinic door. Learn more here.

If you need to fill a prescription for your pet and are an existing client, you can do so by calling our customer care team at (407) 351 –7722, or by using our online pharmacy here.  

Alafaya Clinic

The Alafaya Clinic is now open three days a week for spay and neuter surgeries by appointment ONLY.

Saturday Vaccination Clinics are also available to clients by appointment ONLY between 9AM – 1:30PM. 

We are not accepting any walk-ins at this time. Please call (407) 351-7722 for more information.


In addition to Virtual Adoptions with meet and greets conducted through Zoom with foster parents, effective Saturday, May 2, 2020 Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando shelters are offering adoption appointments at the Orlando and Sanford shelters. These in-person appointments will be conducted with a selected pet who is currently at the shelter and ready for adoption.

As the shelter is still closed to the public out of the safety of our staff who continue to care for the dogs and cats, only customers with an appointment to view a specific animal will be allowed entry

How to make an appointment:

  1. Browse the pet profiles on our website to view all the animals currently in need of homes: https://bit.ly/AdoptPetAlliance. This list is updated in real-time, so check back frequently for your ideal pet.
  2. Select a pet you would like to have an in-person meet and greet with at our shelters. Note which shelter location that pet is located to schedule an appointment by reading their profile bio at the end of their page. If the pet is currently being fostered, then that pet is only eligible for a virtual meet and greet and you will need to follow the contact instructions. 
  3. After confirming that the pet is located at a Pet Alliance shelter in their bio, please call (407) 351-7722 with the pet’s name and animal ID ready for a customer care team member. They will schedule your meet and greet appointment. Only customers with an appointment to view a specific animal will be allowed entry to the shelter. 

Pet Food Pantry

For individuals in need of food, please schedule an appointment.  Our Pet Food Pantry is accepting appointments on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 11:00AM – 2:00PM.

ORLANDO: https://app.waitwhile.com/book/orlandoshelter

SANFORD: https://app.waitwhile.com/book/sanfordshelter


All pets currently available for adoption are listed on our website. This page is updated in real-time, so as soon as a pet is available it will be listed. That’s why we suggest that clients come back frequently, if not daily, to see who has been newly added. Puppies and kittens tend to have a lot of interest and find their forever homes quickly, so if you see one you would like to adopt, it’s best to reach out immediately. 


If you would like to become part of our fostering family, fill out the application here

The only volunteer opportunity we have right now is through fostering. If you would like to become part of our fostering family, fill out the application here

Great! Our Orlando and Sanford clinics are accepting appointments for wellness visits. Please call (407) 351 -7722 to schedule an appointment for your pet. 

More information including prices can be found here

We do offer euthanasia services at our Orlando Clinic (map) and Sanford Clinic (map). To be present and do it through our clinic it is $93.50.

Additionally, we are requiring that all clients wear a face covering while in the clinic if you choose to be present during the end of life service. 

Cremation services start at an additional $125 and vary by weight. You do not need an appointment and can come into the Orlando or Sanford Clinics Monday – Saturday and 9-10:30am | 1-3pm.

We prioritize you in the clinic receiving department which is why you do not need to make an appointment.

Currently, the Alafaya Clinic is only open to the public on the following dates for those who have scheduled an appointment for spay/neuter. 

For the month of May 2020, Pet Alliance will be offering spay/neuter elective surgeries one day a week on the following days for City of Orlando Residents only:

  • Thursday, May 7, 2020
  • Thursday, May 14, 2020
  • Thursday, May 21, 2020

Please call (407) 351-7722 to schedule an appointment.

As we continue to monitor the health and safety of community leaders and state officials, we hope to reopen public spay/neuter surgeries and vaccine clinics to full capacity and normal hours of operation in June 2020.

An Update from Steve

Our priority at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is to balance community safety and health while supporting the ever growing needs of dogs, cats and pet owners throughout Central Florida.

Over the last several weeks, our shelters have launched new resources and expanded others thanks to the support of Pet Alliance’s donors, adopters, and volunteers. These efforts will ensure our community continues to have access to pet related resources including:

  • Free pet food for pet parents in need through the Pet Food Pantry
  • Expanded fostering opportunities (86% of our pets are currently in foster care)
  • Virtual adoptions to continue placing pets into loving homes
  • Gradual re-opening of our veterinary clinics
  • Online pet pharmacy for easy ordering of meds and preventatives (for existing veterinary clients).

Below is a video where I share a bit more about these services and how Pet Alliance is helping our community through these uncertain times.

As we continue to over come the challenges that COVID-19 brings, I want you to know that we remain determined and hopeful. Pet Alliance is committed to our mission of high quality and compassionate care for dogs, cats and the people who love them.


Steve Bardy, Executive Director
Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Check out our 2020 Spring Newsletter to keep up to date on the latest happenings at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

Hear from our Executive Director Steve Bardy, see our Paws in the Park Costume Contest winners, learn more about our amazing volunteers, and more! We hope you enjoy!

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